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The right simply lacks the institutional power to make their ideas and opinions known in the mainstream conversation, hence why they are all delegated to being just fringe “conspiracy theories” parallel to the mainstream liberal narratives that are seen as the “correct” ones backed by academia and the mainstream media.

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You're on fire lately Auron, this is like watching a roided-up Barry Bonds stepping up to the plate and smashing a relentless series of home runs. Well done!

Bravo, good sir.

Really excellent articles, crisp and incisive.

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The narrative control also exists to prevent leftist discourse that is opposed to the Professional Managerial Class. It's not the right they are seeking to police. It's everyone.

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"When all your sense-making institutions have been thoroughly corrupted, betting against them indiscriminately is a pretty good strategy. It is not, however, a good long-term way for your side to arrive reliably at the truth."

This really gets at the heart of the matter.

The next big step the right needs to take is to consolidate around a limited number of our own sense-making institutions. These would be the right-wing equivalent of the NYT - if the NYT was as objective as it claims to be. These need to be reliably factually accurate (ie. have fact checking teams) and capable of consistent sophisticated analysis (teams of qualified editors).

What we have at the moment is a mass of anons. At any given time, many of these anons will be providing fantastic analysis, and many of them will be providing fairly clueless takes. Centralized sense-making institutions are required to process and promote the best takes - otherwise the burden is on each individual reader to evaluate the raw mass of information flying around at all times, which is unrealistic for most.

This is discussed in detail here: https://becomingnoble.substack.com/p/basking-in-powerlessness

Thanks for the great article.

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